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Happy Fourth Birthday: My second set of miracle babies

The girls’ birth did not go how I had planned! I had a plan for another full-term pregnancy, a fantastic birth, and a smooth transition to breastfeeding. I had a perfect nutrient dense pregnancy diet and supplement protocol, and my movement practice was excellent, but life and human function are not fully in OUR control. There is a reason for EVERYTHING.

Four years later: lessons learned from the memories

Here we are, four years later! What a whirlwind of energy, emotion, and joy. Now, when I reflect back on the girls’ birth I think about how scary and emotionally overwhelming that time was. The joy of delivering two babies in one day, six hours apart was an amazingly thrilling gift. The girls were fully developed and breathing on their own, but protocol brought them to the NICU.

I can remember each day, the sounds of the hospital, the faces of the nurses, and the smell of the heavy cleaners in the NICU. I remember watching in complete distress, receive formula, antibiotics, and a fat supplement through feeding tubes. I remember squeezing my breast to try to stimulate milk production and feeding all I could to them with a small eyedropper. I remember questioning every nurse and doctor about when I could take them home. I remember collapsing in the hospital from complete exhaustion, emotional overwhelm, and a cascade of postpartum hormones.

I chronicled my whole journey here:

At the time, I kept thinking…did I eat too much protein, or not enough? Was it too much movement? Did I try to do too much with the boys? How could I have caused them to have this bumpy start?

Everything Happens For a Reason!

The NICU turned out to be the greatest gift in hindsight. My full attention was on the girls. I was not running around cooking, cleaning, or tending to all other things I usually call essential. All I did for the 8 days in the hospital was hold them, nurse them, and bond with them. This was a much different start than I had with the boys. I had so many distractions with the boys from cooking to initiating my postpartum training program. Sooo… many times I wish I could rewind and do over the first couple of months of the boys’ lives. It does no good to say what if and I wish I could have, instead, I apply what I learned and act on it now.

These girls truly hold the key to my heart and have taught me so much about being a Mom. The importance of the simple moments, like right now typing this blog post with Madelyn sitting on my lap. I realize how grateful I am for these two beauties!

My mission as a Mom and trainer!

My mission as a Mom and a trainer is to share the important message of nourishment, movement self-love. Think about it this way, you deserve to feel really awesome every day and move with ease. You should not accept any bit of physical disconnect or hormonal dysregulation as normal, because it is not!!

Back to these babies!


My sweet Madelyn! She loves ALL things chocolate and fashion! The key to this girl’s heart is a dark chocolate bar, and anything pink and sparkly. But, don’t let her sweet smile and adorable little voice fool you. She has a cunning and innocently sneaky side. She loves a good trick, especially if it involves her brothers. You will not find this sweet thing without her purple love and skirt

She loves her llama and all animals! My sweet Madelyn! She is strong-willed, loving, and cunningly smart. I can’t wait to see what I will write next year!


My little bundle of energy, courage, and strength. This little girl is amazing! She has yet to meet her match. Annabelle knows who she is, where she is going, and what she wants to do every day. She is definitely the pack leader.

When she wants something, she goes for it! Including taking the initiative to trim her own hair when it was in her face… if there is a problem, she does not wait for me to give her a solution… she finds it on her own!

She loves to help me in the kitchen, especially cleaning mushrooms and peeling carrots! Annabelle has an amazing vocabulary, and loves to chat up whoever she meets… well once she gets comfortable with you! She loves her brothers and must give everyone a hug and a kiss before she goes to bed. My sweet Annabelle #4 is going to be a HUGE year for this girl!!

Nourishment and Joy!

From a day at the salon for a beautiful new haircut at Alter Ego enjoying fantastic hot chocolate and handmade truffles at Escauzu Chocolate Bar, to baking their own grain-free cakes and cupcakes at home it has been a great start to these two beauties' birthday celebration week!


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