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I am Awesome!!


I am awesome! Everyday tell yourself that! Repeat those words and look at yourself as you truly are. Don’t stand in the way of your own success. Find a place to start and grab hold of it. Once you have “it” stick with it and grow it.

What do you want for yourself? What do you want for your kids? I guarantee one of those “wants” is health. No matter where you are in this life journey, the awesome thing is you can achieve improved health. Everyday you have an opportunity to make choices and choose the better option.


Look at your kids and the natural beauty and resilience they have. Do you see their joy? The magic in their minds. Sometimes it’s difficult to imagine anything more beautiful than the love for your children. I want to grow all of that, to literally feed it and nourish it everyday.

I want them to live long, healthy lives and realize everyday they too are AWESOME! When you consider health, no matter where you are, you cannot separate it from nutrition. When you think about the prevalence of obesity, diabetes, mental illness, degenerative disease and generally feeling unwell…nutrition comes to the forefront. How can we halt the progression of these often times preventable diseases, turn our focus to nutrition. Say NO to the junk. Don’t be afraid to say you are too awesome to put that in your body. Be the example! Show your littles that life is rich, full and amazing. Feeling good everyday is totally achievable.

Don’t be fooled by the resilience of youth to underestimate the harm in daily junk food. You may not see it today, tomorrow or even for years to come, but the wear is there. The habits and neural pathways are forming. No amount of exercise can take away the poor nutrition. Start from somewhere. Make small changes and stick with it!

Look! You are awesome! You built a human in your body! That is amazing! If you can do that…you can nourish that human everyday with real, whole nutrient dense food!!



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