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Introducing the Essential Mom Movement Series

Introducing the Essential Mom Movement Series!

Food is just one component of healthy connective tissue. In order to stimulate growth, you have to load it. You can do this with bodyweight or create an overload with any type of resistance like dumbbells or a ViPR.

What are Essential Mom Movements?

In this series, I am going to focus on movements that load the core and pelvic floor three dimensionally to create resilience.

As moms we must be able to:

  • Navigate odd body positions:

  • Get up and down from the floor (sometimes holding a baby)

  • Lift and carry car seats,

  • Put toddlers into and take them out of car seats

  • Bathe babies and toddlers

  • Brush teeth

  • Help with potty training…etc. I can go on.

Take it from me, a mom with two sets of twins, ViPR is an amazing tool to help in all phases of pelvic health!

I used ViPR through both twin pregnancies, postpartum recovery and continue to use it today. I am also a trainer and use it with all clients. I am excited to bring some of these successful strategies to you through Essential Mom Movements.

So, grab a ViPR and join in with me!!

Remember to breathe evenly and rhythmically with all movements and think about moving from your hips. Keep your spine balanced and long.

Enjoy 30-60 seconds of this movement for 3-4 rounds.


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