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Mom Struggles: Truths

I have two sets of twins, that is four kids. Two seven year old boys and two three year old girls. It is like a constant sleepover.

There are moments of calm and organization during the day. But, I have to say 80% of the day is a sprint in the middle of chaos. You know the whole concept of “inside and outside” voices. Yeah….my kids don’t understand that concept.

Now, realize this post is not me complaining about my kids. I love them more than anything in the whole world. They really are my world. This post is about sharing some truths of my everyday.

I truly feel like a spinning top most days. There are days that I am so exhausted at the end of the day that I cannot wait until everyone is in bed. I have even skipped pages in the girls’ bedtime story book that I am reading on purpose to speed along bedtime. IS THAT TERRIBLE? Maybe, but it is truth.


I spend so much of my day cleaning something up. Am I alone? I don’t think so! I know that all of you other moms out live in that same reality. You know the one when you look around and think, “ahhh….now I am done, the house is picked up, everyone is fed and Cameron says….MOMMY, William peed on the wall again. And then William says no I didn’t it was Cameron. Well, you know what will happen next. A battle where little voices reach a decibel that can damage eardrums. This happens in some form or fashion multiple times per day, everyday!

So, when you read my blog and I seem like some sort of alien living a perfect life. Please look beyond and recognize my message is this…

Real food, consistent nutrition and exercise are keys to my survival.

I look at it like this, if I did not purposefully, choose to make great nutrition choices and follow a movement practice everyday…I could not operate the way that I need to as a mom of two sets of twins.

Do I always get it right? No way! Not even close! I have massive fails. I overreact! I say I am sorry an pledge to do better next time. I don’t know how you can move through motherhood without massive fails. I am doing the very best I can everyday.

I have heard stories of moms who take spa days or go out to lunch with friends or have girls’ weekends a couple times a year. That sounds amazing! But, I don’t have that space in my world, yet. And, you know what? That’s ok!! My space comes from taking care of myself. I know that what I put in my body dictates how I feel. How I choose to take care of my body with movement will directly impact my ability to be active with my kids. If I consistently follow these principles I can make it through the time pressure, chaos and daily battles. I can sift through all of the hard things and soak in the awesomeness of my kids.

So, again…I get it! I get it 100% that there is nothing easy about being a mom. Sometimes you have to go for the best you can and keep working towards better. And that is ok!

Follow me on my journey and please share yours with me!


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