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Post Abdominoplasty Movement Strategy: Day Four

Right about now, I am SO grateful for all of the hard movement work that I put in to prepare my body for the stressors of surgery and the post-op period. The pain is uniquely intense and can best be described as a burning/stabbing sensation. I was prescribed oxycodone and high dose Ibuprofen, but the Oxycodone really only makes me sleepy and the Ibuprofen is TERRIBLE for my stomach and wound healing.

Did you know that Ibuprofen inhibits methylation, which is responsible for the removal of estrogen, dopamine, histamine, and heavy metals!? Mmm... I will skip this part thank you!

I am using isometrics and meditation to manage pain along with rest, hydration, and proper movement. I am also NOT complaining as I am very fortunate to have had to opportunity to have had this surgery. So, it is my job now to maximize the results.

Here is what I am doing now!

My movement schedule for the next three days includes:

Walk 10 minutes cumulatively throughout the day

Complete the following circuit 3 times throughout the day

Breath matrix x 15 reps (inhale 5 sec/exhale 5 sec) Isometric contractions x 5 per region (contraction until pain subsides) Step matrix x 5 per foot per plane of motion Hip is rocking matrix from XWW, RXX, and LXX (or wide feet, right foot forward and left foot forward) pelvis reaches front to back, side to side, and circles Pelvicore Pro initial range movement x 20

You can find the Vivobarefoot Ababa shoes here and use the discount code: MHEALTH10!!

On Monday, I have my one-week check-in with the surgeon. If I am cleared for more motion, I plan to add in more positions with the Pelvicore and increase the duration of isometric holds and breath time.

Just a quick photo from one of my four cherubs that led me down this path!


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