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Surgery day is tomorrow!

I am sitting here in the quiet of my dining room wondering what tomorrow will bring. Tomorrow I go in to have my abdominal wall repaired and tons of extra skin removed. The official name is a “tummy tuck”. Honestly, I really did not think I would ever have to get the surgery done. But, I am now at a point where I realize that although my functionality is great and I can do many things. There are things that I cannot do comfortably that I want to do!!

Although I have a plan in place to reintegrate and rebuild. There are still many unknowns and I worry about the kids. It will be difficult to have to ask for help, I am kind of a “do everything myself” kind of a person. I also love to be able to just get up and go and round the kids up. But, everything will be much slower and that is difficult for me.

These are not complaints! Not even close, I am just making observations as I realize the opportunity that I have! Especially after recently losing a friend and client at a very young age, I am grateful for the rebuilding process.

So again, here I am the night before surgery with a quiet house and just my thoughts. I am proud of how far I have come and excited to share what is ahead of me. I plan to document my whole journey good and bad! From my nutrition to my movement progressions! The goal is to share the information!

I think I will go for a walk now and then head off to bed.

Tomorrow morning starts with a Pelvicore workout and mobility to make sure all is where it should be when I arrive at the plastic surgeon’s office.

Ok, stay tuned!! 🙂

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