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Day 6 Post Abdominoplasty: Move those hips

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

Lessons Learned

Today is officially day six and I am definitely learning my thresholds. Yesterday, I did WAY too much around the house before my husband woke up and I suffered the consequences of doing so last night with a lot of pain in my abdominal wall. It is a burning, stabbing pain that just literally takes your breath away. Some movements or reactions cause an immediate alarm pain, while others show up hours later. I sneezed this afternoon and that was pretty awful!!

Talking in the upright position

Curiously, talking in anything louder than a quiet voice while in the upright position is very difficult and really pulls on my abdominal wall. I cannot talk at all while walking as that too creates a searing, pulling pain down the midline of my abdominal wall. I imagine that it is related to the pressure management system being compromised along with the increased intrabdominal pressure. Any feedback from you brilliant readers is welcome!

Here is a video update of how I am moving!

Movement One: Hip Rocking Matrix

Movement Two: Isometrics with Breath

Movement Three: Step Matrix with Head Driver and Breathing Exerciser

Movement Four: Kneeling Hip Matrix

Movement Five: Sit Disc Matrix

Movement Six: Pelvicore

One more interesting fact!!

Let’s look at the incision and then consider the disconnect that that would cause.

And, how the separation of the fascia of Scarpa from the abdominal wall can disrupt tensegrity of the whole system.


My surgeon noted today that the swelling will persist for at least a month after surgery because the nerves, blood, and lymph vessels were all cut. So in the morning, all may look fine, but by the end of the day, swelling will return. My question to him was: Is this a case where we are looking to promote angiogenesis? (Or the development of new blood vessels) He did not know the answer and I could not find anything to support that idea, but it makes sense in theory... If something is disrupted or broken, we want to put the necessary inputs in to mend it. I also wonder if the isometric exercises promote angiogenesis? They do help stimulate the fibroblasts (cells that secrete a material that mends the wound) so I imagine it could also help with the process of angiogenesis.


Although nutrient goals are still aiming for high fiber, plant-rich, and high-quality protein meals my appetite is small because of pain. I am aiming for one smoothie and two solid meals per day, but it is a struggle to coach up the appetite to eat.

This afternoon, my meal was broccoli, cucumber, and sardines with toasted coconut chips!


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