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Moms4Health for You

I am firing back up the blog with the same passion for bringing you fresh ideas. Moms4Health is all about empowering Moms! I am inspired every day by all of the amazing Mothers out there. I learn new tips and tricks every day both from others as well as from failed or successful attempts of my own. I want to share these ideas with you. I would love to start a community of like-minded Moms!

I have a passion for health which is rooted in nourishing foods, but also in movement/exercise strategies! Healthy Moms will raise healthy, strong kids! Health does not mean that you have to be a certain size or super athlete. Instead, I see it as someone with great resilience, energy, passion, dedication, discipline, and focus on daily nourishment. You CAN feel good every day and so can your kids.

I have received comments about how children need a healthy balance and that it is unrealistic to think they will never try junk food. I find this curious and wonder what a healthy balance means to some? Should kids eat ice cream, cake, cookies, or chocolate? YES, just make it yourself. Does it taste good? Yes, it does! I will share some of my favorite recipes for “treats” that doesn’t create an inflammatory environment in the body from toxic ingredients.

I have two sets of twins and some pretty powerful reasons to feed my family a nourishing diet. Some may say it’s extreme. That’s ok with me! Because I know that it works, I want my kids to feel great every day! I can’t wait to start sharing with you!


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