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Essential Mom Movement Series

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

Moving well results in moving more and feeling better when we move. We also sleep better! All of these things add up to making motherhood, a journey that is filled with both joys and stressors, a much more enjoyable process.

Many women suffer unnecessarily after having children. I am here to tell you that hacking your lifestyle has a massive positive impact on your quality of life.

What would happen if we shifted our mindset? How could this positively impact our world!!

Let’s dive into this month’s Essential Mom Movement Series: This whole circuit is about creating space!


🚀 There are some of the exercises that make you feel amazing for the rest of the day and beyond!

Here I am using the TriForce, breath, and gravity to create an amazing thoracic mobilization that reduces intraabdominal pressure.

Using breath I inhale lowering the TriForce with gravity and exhale forcefully while pulling the pelvic floor up and in, and moving the TriForce against gravity.

🤚 The magic happens with the hand positions. Changing the grip changes the whole reaction! It’s fantastic!

I’m not carrying too many babies around anymore, but it definitely helps create space for the times I do!

🏊‍♀️ It’s also really helped my 200 flies!

💥 This whole Circuit is about creating space!! Tomorrow’s exercise was inspired by a health coach, Gabriel Hidalgo of LivFit Health Coaching! Check him out on IG!


The pelvic position is so important when it comes to the health of the pelvic floor and managing intra-abdominal pressure.

The more SPACE you have in the pelvic bowl, the better. For me a steep anterior tilt is home. Also standing with most of my weight towards my toes is natural. But…not optimal for recovering function after 4 babies.

Thanks to @higabe2002 for this great pattern where I can use my ViPR Pro in a cylinder that forces me to engage my shoulders/chest.

😃LUNGE: Pelvis moving anterior tilt to posterior tilt.

BALANCE WITH ROTATION: maintaining posterior tilt with internal and external rotation.

👣 All is enhanced with my Vivobarefoot shoes allowing my foot to move and react with my hips!

💥 There is so much variety within movement! EXCITING!!


🎈 Watch how each lunge causes my body to take on a different shape, a different position in space. Each lunge creates a new space for me to move through.

This movement using the TriForce is a simple multiplanar lunge with a ground to overhead reach. The TriForce has an uneven load and a large footprint causing me to engage everything from my hands through my hamstrings to balance the load.

The pelvic floor craves this 3D motion to stay healthy life strong. Balance and resilience through the hips!!

The deep 3D lunge also reveals some lingering deficits in one of my hamstrings (can you tell which one). Hint, I use my upper body to get me out of the loaded position instead of my hips. This is important to address for long-term movement quality!

Try out this fun movement with your TriForce!


The goal of this circuit is to create space! I am moving the 10kg ViPR Pro through a shifting pattern to create space through my thoracic spine.

👣The variable foot position in the squat stimulates the pelvic floor and hips.

The heavier load, for me, along with my breath further challenges both my core and pelvic floor when the mass shifts off-center.

I added a small challenge of a jumping plank and moving from ground to standing to up the metabolic challenge!

This is a fun challenge that creates a great reaction!


Handstands are my 💯 favorite! As it relates to our “space” theme… they are great for creating space at the neck, shifting blood flow away from the feet, and tractioning the spine! All create space!

They are also…


✅Shoulder stability

✅Shoulder/arm strength

✅Improving deep core control

All of these things add up to an ever-improving movement capacity!

🗓 I have big plans for this move one month from now!!

It doesn’t have to be perfect to be done!! Give it a try!!


🤗If my goal is optimal lifelong function what should training look like my 30s?

🤗I have had two sets of twins and recovered a very large diastasis to a functional, well tensioning abdominal that integrates well with the pelvic floor. So, should I just leave it at that or keep going?

💪Of course, keep going! I have big plans for my movement capacity well into my senior years!

❤️The responsibility I have to myself is to provide the right inputs nutritionally and through movement for me to achieve my goal!

🤗Here is a simple exercise with a 10kg ViPR Pro which loads my thoracic spine and along with breath creates an amazing hydration of my tissues. .

👣The variable foot position allows for a bottom up stimulus to my pelvic floor!


🕰 What happens through the other 22 hours of the day=much better movement = better stress tolerance = better sleep = happier mom!

😃Isn’t it cool how we have the power to steer our own health!!


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